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Both of those songs are highlights of Colors, but so is nearly every track, in terms of off-kilter pop craftsmanship. The title song matches an ocarina-tone melody with cyborg hand claps and. As a collection of songs, however, 'Colors' is by far Beck's most upbeat and enjoyable record from front to back since the '90s. Repeated listens will no doubt be rewarded In fact, there is nothing moderate about it at all: Colors is extreme, featuring some of the best and worst songs that Beck has ever written 'Square One' is a particular highlight, channeling Phoenix at their best. Fans of Beck's more experimental ventures might feel let down by 'Colors''s sheer poppiness, but for everybody else, it's a very hard album to dislike Artists: Beck Album: Colors Rating: 9.5/10 The long delayed new Beck album appears to be here, the follow up to 2013's Morning Phase is Colors. It was originally slated for release back in 2014, then was pushed up to late 2016. It is safe to say we have never seen a Beck like this befor

Colors has all the Hot 100 potential of Loser, a hook-obsessed album that's trying 100 percent harder and is 100 percent less self-deprecating than Beck's only big hit from two decades. Beck — Colors ANALYSIS & REVIEW. Published 10/25/2017. A seasoned musician with a knack for appealing to all kinds of listeners who always look for somet h ing new, Beck Hansen delivers with an.. [Colors is] not retro and not modern, Beck told Rolling Stone in August, and he was (more or less) right: He's trafficking in the kind of pop/rock that's worked for decades

Beck is still trying to be trendy and to stay forever young. And he partly succeeds in it on Colors. You may like this album, you may dislike it, as it has both pros and cons In a recent interview with Vulture, Beck said that the goal behind Colors was to make something that was uplifting, had a lot of energy, and made you want to sing along; in addition, the LP.. To the list can now be added Beck's Colors, a record so rapturously received it feels something like a second coming, a summer record let out early to end a dark winter and the cure for enervation. Hearing this long discussed, oft delayed album - the record he's had mostly in the can for years but either never felt was completely right or wasn't right for the time - the signs are there for a return Beck Colors Review. By Andrew McNally in Featured Music October 15, 2017. Beck's thirteenth album earns its title, as one of his cheeriest and danceable releases ever. Beck is a literal cornucopia musician - you never know what the next album is going to sound like Finally, a new Beck album, Colors, has arrived! It's been three years sense we've heard from the Scientologist hipster, who shocked the world by winning the Grammy for album of the year for Morning Phase. It was shocking because (1), the competition and (2), it was a more subdued, conservative album from the singer/songwriter

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  1. Opener Colors is as effervescent and energetic as Beck has ever been, just bursting with melody and energy even as it fits the mold of the rest of the album
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  3. Unlike earlier Beck albums, Colors doesn't feel like a Whitman's Sampler, as he and Kurstin worked overtime to make sure this all sounds sleek and unified. While that might mean Colors doesn't offer the depth and intrigue of most Beck albums, it does mean it's a fun confection
  4. Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyCkhPTU13wBeck's latest album explores the bland limits of unoriginal, sanitized, millennial pop.More rock reviews:.
  5. The tracks on Colors are easily the poppiest thing he's ever done, at least on a full-album scale. This is a straight pop album, and while it isn't always effective, it is a lot of fun to hear Beck bounce back in an unexpected way. Colors might be the closest thing to a genre album that Beck's ever done

Donate on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ARTV ARTV Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/ARTVMerch Second Channel: http://bit.ly/BeyondARTV Twitter: http://.. Colors is a very polished, bright album from start to finish. Beck did a great job at fine tuning his sound to make it more accessible, while Colors is a very polished, bright album from start to finish. Beck did a great job at fine tuning his sound to make it more accessible, while still keeping his uniqueness

'Colors' is by far Beck's most upbeat and enjoyable record from front to back since the '90s. Repeated listens will no doubt be rewarded Beck has compared Colors to his divisive, funk-inflected 1999 gem Midnite Vultures, still home to some of his career's strangest music.But it probably shares more DNA with 2008's Modern Guilt. Colors lonelyasyou Beck's new record is a solid album, though it shows that Beck is somehow back in shape. It also proves that he's trying to follow the tendencies of modern music Review Summary: If you like the background music in iPhone commercials then Beck's Colors is for you! And if not, well...yeah. And if not, well...yeah. I've always regarded Beck as the David Bowie of my generation Album Reviews: Beck - Colors. The 'musical magpie', the 'kooky Scientologist', or plain Beck Hansen returns from the wilderness with news from his latest planet of sound. Colors (American spelling, grrr) arrives many years after the Grammy-winning, heart-worn musings of Morning Phase.The delay was due to the exciting new sounds being generated and a desire for freshness of approach

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  2. Beck: Colors Review. By Jordan Blum | October 13, 2017 | 9:19am. Music Reviews Beck. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Over the course of Beck's 25-year career, he's tapped into a multitude of styles, including lo-fi avant-garde, country, alt-rock, hip-hop, funk, orchestral, and singer/songwriter, among many others
  3. Every song on this album is great. It's fun and full of energy. This pressing is great too. No quality issues and great bass. I personally sought out the yellow edition. I like my colored vinyl and appreciate it when artists choose vibrant colors. Nothing is worse than solid white or solid red. So boring. Anyway, I highly recommend Colors

Beck 'Colors' Review. Life. 24th October 2017 Connor Thirlwell. When Beck won the Grammy Award for Best Album in 2015 for Morning Phase, which Kanye thought should have gone to Beyoncé, he had yet again become creator of serene music for introverts a la Sea Change, of acoustic guitar soul-soothers for shrinking violets and wallflowers. It could be argued that Beck's tenth studio album is victim of his immense talent. Given the release of superb singles such as Dreams, Up All Night and the jaunty, Elliott Smith-esque Dear Life, we could be excused for having lofty expectations of Colors.Alas, the remainder of the album is fine, but largely unremarkable by comparison

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Beck - Colors (Album Review) October 17, 2017. Beck - Colors (Album Review) Posted at 13:21h Allen J. Miller cryptic rock, CrypticRock, Music reviews, News, Reviews 0 Comments. 22. SHARES. Share Tweet. Beck Hansen has worn many hats throughout his career Album Review: Beck - Colors By Kieran Cannon ( @kiercannon ) Ever since exploding into public consciousness with the sardonic slacker anthem Loser in 1994, Beck has established himself as one of music's most notorious shapeshifters

On Beck 's 13th studio album, Colors, the indie-rock alchemist has shrugged off the insular despondency of Morning Phase, the 2014 Grammy winner for Album of the Year, in favor of an upbeat collection of hook-filled jams intended to keep the festivities going long into the night.. Colors is an album that is unabashedly retro simply because of its buoyant, relentless optimism in the face of. Beck is an eccentric, eclectic rock star in an era sorely lacking them. His first hit single, the ubiquitous Loser, for which he remains most famous, positioned Beck as a Generation X spokesman of sorts (even if the song was drenched in hyperbolic irony). But his next proper release, 1996's Odelay, became a favorite with both critics and alternative rock radio listeners Beck, however, has mixed things up in the past, and I think his 1999 release Midnite Vultures is a better album than Colors because it's so less professional and overthought. What Colors might accomplish for the singer-songwriter is a younger audience that had no idea who he was as he walked past Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake.

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Beck Colors Fonograf/Capitol Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Beck knows that we just need a safe place where we can boogie. Album Review: A funny thing happened back in 2015 when Beck won three Grammys for his album Morning Phase, released the previous year; the album picked up the prestigious awards for Album of the Year, Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical), and Best Rock Album Review: Beck - Colors. b.liebman October 30, 2017 May 24, 2018 Reviews. Post navigation. Previous. Next. Trying to pin down what alternative legend Beck is going to do next are odds most in Vegas wouldn't take. From hazy folk to quirky alternative to unrecorded sheet music, he's kept his career eclectic and frustrating On October 13, 2017 By landon-macdonald In Reviews Like. Review: Beck, Colors. Colors is like diet Beck. It's the Beck record no one listening to Odelay in '96 would ever have believed existed. It's the lemonade stand on the too hot day and the ice melts reducing the potency of the product. It's the Kool-Aid made on the wrong ratios


Beck has had a knack for exciting us with his unusual approach to pop music and rock by jumbling up an incredible array of sounds in a new way to present coherent new musical ideas-- and it definitely appears as though he's still developing new ideas on Colors, but ideas that lack the incisiveness, playfulness, intrigue, apathy, or emotional. Beck Colors Capitol Records/Universal Music Canada. Some days you just need mind-warping ear candy. So it's a good thing that Beck is always ready to deliver. Beck is back with his 13th studio album Colors, his first full length with new material since the success of his album Morning Phase witch won three awards at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards: Album of the Year, Best Engineered Album (Non. Several years after Beck hinted at a September 2014 release for his follow-up to Morning Phase, Colors finally arrived, on 13 October 2017 - and, from the first blast of ideas that showered the. ALBUM REVIEW: Beck - 'Colors' Beck has always been one of the ultimate musical genre chameleons, swerving from genre to genre from album to album while making it all looks so effortless. Each manifestation throughout his now storied career has shown him as a true sonic master craftsman willing to take the path less travelled Colors, the follow-up to Beck's meditative masterpiece Morning Phase, couldn't come as more of a contrast.It's a glossy, high-energy LP designed to make you dance, not think.The inspiration came partly from Pharrell Williams's mega-hit Happy. When Beck heard it, in 2013, he was blown away by how exuberant it sounded

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Review: Beck, 'Colors' Aidin Vaziri. Oct. 11, 2017 Updated: Oct. 11, 2017 4:21 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email. Comments. 3. 1 of 3 Beck's 13th studio album is 'Colors' Nasty Little Man Show More Show. By Maria Lubanovic, Staff Writer [Capitol; 2017] Rating: 4.5/10 Key Tracks: Colors, Dreams New drinking game: Take a shot every time the word colors is said in a track on this record. Good luck. Beck's thirteenth album, Colors, is an album he's has been working on since 2013. While the album is a pretty cohesiv Colors may not be the sonically adventurous follow-up to Odelay it had once been hyped as, or even a surefire party starter like Midnite Vultures. Still, it's a return to the experimental pop modes that set Beck apart from his contemporaries and kept his career relevant long after the slacker generation had gotten jobs and were raising li'l. Colors, the follow-up to Beck's meditative masterpiece Morning Phase, couldn't come as more of a contrast. It's a glossy, high-energy LP designed to make you dance, not think. The inspiration came partly from Pharrell Williams's mega-hit Happy. When Beck heard it, in 2013, he was blown away by how exuberant it sounded. It made him wonder if he could write something with the same feel-good.

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Colors, an Album by Beck. Released 13 October 2017 on Fonograf (catalog no. B002716202; CD). Genres: Pop Rock, Alternative Dance. Rated #1354 in the best albums of. Certainly, Colors is busy, bustling with shifting textures and rhythms -- elements that are pushed to the forefront, with Beck's voice being another piece in the tapestry. This isn't to say Colors doesn't serve up hooks or melodies: in fact, that's all that it does, circling through exuberant dance-rock, new wave ballads, mock hip-hop, and. Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit Beck's ramshackle 1994 album, a. Buy whole album with 10% discount - ONLY 1.52 [A G Ebm Gb B Db Bb Ab Abm E Cm F C Eb D Dm Dbm Bm Bbm Fm] Chords for Beck - Colors ALBUM REVIEW with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin

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Beck †‘Colors’ Review. Each record of his 12-album, 25-year career brings something a little bit different to the table - while remaining distinctly Beck. 1996's 'Odelay' was the beer-chugging party starter, 2002's 'Sea Change' saw him get dead serious and orchestral, and on 2008's 'Modern Guilt', the multi-instrumentalist dabbled with filthy garage-rock Colors follows up Beck's excellent 2014 LP Morning Phase, a lovely, sprawling collection of country-tinged songs that served as a kind of companion piece to his lush 2002 album Sea Change. It's laudable that Beck didn't try to repeat Morning Phase 's success—it was critically acclaimed, also winning the Grammy for Album of the Year. I have always had a passion for handbags as they are the one thing that always fits and adds function to ones daily ensemble. Handbags have the ability to take a mediocre outfit and suddenly make it into something that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression

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Beck's most most mainstream-palatable record so far - 'Colours' is his most upbeat and enjoyable record from front to back since the '90s. Beck - 'Colours' Album Review - NME New Beck dares us to wake up from our reveries and feel all of the 'Colors' on his brand-new album. — — I t's like a breath of fresh air. Arriving just in time, Beck's brand-new album Colors paints the world, one currently filled with turmoil and confusion, a much-needed vibrant hue.Released through Capitol Records on October 13, 2017, this album is filled with all the typical. Music Review. Review of Beck's Colors. July 17, 2020; With the YouTube Music month trial, I finally decided to catch up on some album listening. One I have been waiting to listen to since it's release in 2017 is Beck's Colors. During the first listen I jotted some notes. I'm imagining someone gave him the challenge or he told himself.

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Review: Beck's Colors. October 19, 2017 Jackson Shrout A&E 0. Much like the chocolate boxes of Forrest Gump, you never know what you're going to get when it comes to Beck (unlike chocolate boxes in real life, which are clearly labeled). He's a tough artist to pin down: a rapper, an Americana singer, a low-key alternative rocker Beck, Colors (Capitol) Following up an Album of the Year Grammy-winning project is no easy task. Beck's 13th album sees the musician flipping the script entirely from 2014's universally acclaimed Morning Phase, abandoning its folk aesthetic for something far more contemporary.There are moments where electronic invocation make this release sound more like a Phoenix record at times, though. All Features Music New Music Photos Playlists + Mixes Previews Reviews Albums Live Singles Videos. Mar!k releases George Floyd tribute. Leading Brum musicians set for comedy festival line-up. 2. level 1. ryetronics. 3 years ago. Pitchfork is so up their own ass it's sad, really. I don't get Pitchfork's comparison of Colors to Sea Change and Morning Phase. I think someone on this subreddit described the album best. It's Beck showing the pop-music world how to really make a pop record. 5

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Album Review: Beck - Colors. December 20, 2017 by April Hanna Leave a Comment. Beck's latest release is a pigment of his own imagination. Colors is a true Beck blend, pulling inspiration from, well, the whole damn color wheel. But what makes this shade of alternative rock stand out from the rest However, I'll explain why I like it so much in the review of this album. Colors is the follow-up album to 2014's GRAMMY Award-winning Morning Phase, an emotional, more downtempo record in Beck's discography. In contrast, Colors is a return to his livelier and generally happier sound. The question, though: did I like it Beck surprisingly cranks up colorful jams on Morning Phase followu Beck Colors / Review. Von. Christina Mohr - 16. Oktober 2017. Beck saugt seine Einflüsse von überallher auf und spuckt sie als neue Musik aus. Das ist prima, selbst wenn es auf den Mainstream schielt. Der Einstieg in das seit Ewigkeiten angekündigte 13

Beck's last album, Morning Phase (2014), was subdued, reminiscent in some ways of his Sea Change (2002), but more hopeful. Beck rarely repeats himself, so it's not surprising that Colors is different from its predecessor, and its upbeat bounce makes it different from any other Beck album. His songcraft makes it still recognizably Beck, and. Music Review: Beck - Colors. Having released the autumnal beauty of 2014's 'Morning Phase' in the chill of February, Beck opts to deploy his most unashamedly summery record in the middle of October. He'll never learn WPGM Recommends: Beck - Colors (Album Review) Album Reviews, Reviews. Share the article: No one has been post-genre longer than Beck. Before the success of streaming that opened artists up to new possibilities to freely explore genre, Beck was dominating MTV with his hit Loser in 1994 and doing whatever he wanted with his sound A mid-life crisis of an album that patronises the notion of po Colors (2017) Beck's first in-depth on-record collaboration with pop guru Greg Kurstin (Tegan & Sara, Kelly Clarkson) is a loose-limbed yet gorgeously detailed collection of sparkling pop.

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Colours is the 13th studio album from the prolific Beck, his first since 2014.The intoxicating rainbow on offer here makes for some of Beck's most contemporary work to date, indicating he remains young at heart with his finger on the pulse Adele veteran Paul Epworth and producer Cole M.G.N., who worked on the Colors hit Wow, chip in too. But Beck, for all of his vigor for partnership, is a solitary classicist, a singer.

'Colors' by Beck Review: Updating Bright '60s Rock On his new album, Beck moves away from sumptuous folk toward a retro sound while approaching the music with his customary level of invention The Last Mixed Tape reviews Colors, the much-anticipated new studio album from Beck. Things fall apart on Colors, that much is clear.Unbound by a strong central theme, Beck's latest offering is an aimless affair that feels more like a pastiche of dance-pop rather than an ode to it

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Beck - Colors | Album Review. October 18, 2017 admin. now playing. Fashion Editorial - Divorce. October 18, 2017 admin. now playing. Rihanna Celebrates Her Fenty Perfume Selling Out Hours After Launch with Caviar in Bed No, Colors is just plain boring. Following the understated and underrated Morning Phase , one can understand why Beck might want to retreat to a carefree and less-vulnerable place. But rather than returning to his spastic roots with the kind of genre-bending work he once espoused, he chose to team up with Greg Kurstin, perhaps best known as a.

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Beck's new album Colors shows the chameleon blend into his background. Comment Alex Hudson Friday 13 Oct 2017 10:04 am. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this. Colors pulses with energy in its expert blending of pop, jazz, and funk with a dash of alternative rock. It is Beck's most upbeat and hook-filled album since 1999's Midnite Vultures. That album, however, like much of Beck's early work, thrives on chaos, frenetic energy combined with idiosyncratic songwriting, mishmashed genres, and enough. Vivemos numa época nunca antes vista, onde a cada momento que passa novas bandas se formam, e novas músicas chegam aos nossos ouvidos. Se por um lado isso..